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[11 Nov 2018|04:04pm]


captain america here. steve rogers is very much a philanthropic and "heroic" kind of man. he was orphaned by the age 8 and was very shy as a kid. he had no confidence and pretty much disapproved of life. that eventually changed once he was adopted and his natural drive to be the best version of himself took over. he served in the army for 4 years and through his time serving, he grew passionate about change and helping others. he now runs the 'dream reach foundation' which is essentially "reach out worldwide" (thank you paul walker, i love you). he is pretty well-known for his work but he's very humble. he spends most of his free time volunteering for various things, his favorite being at the local children's hospital because he's a sucker for kids. to balance out all that good, steve is also a bit of a hot head when provoked enough. he's been known to get into bar fights after too much to drink and it's definitely something he picked up from his abusive father.

i know there's some family that may be lingering for him so hit me up so we can connect the dots. also, he's "talking to" [info]ecdysis but that's likely a disaster waiting to happen as their cv's unfold. he could use ex's, anyone he knows through [info]webs & [info]wallsitter who are his close buds/volunteer friends. really anything!
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[11 Nov 2018|03:51pm]


hi all! i'm bringing you ophelia stearns, cv counterpart viper! ophelia was born and raised in san francisco but attended college in nyc for 4 years before returning home. she's now 26 years old and works as an evening news anchor at ktvu fox. she's been something of a "performer" her entire life, growing up as the perfect little pageant girl to make her adoptive parents happy (meanwhile screaming on the inside, but that's okay she's learned how to almost ignore that voice).

personality wise she's a tricky one. at the surface she is reserved and well-mannered, very put-together and friendly. a "people pleaser" by most accounts. under that there is something much much saucier lingering. with some strong drinks, this opinionated, politically-charged attitude can slip out giving people a much different view of her. she's an exercise fanatic, always up and doing something.. she can't stand people that are lazy. she's something of a bossy know-it-all but again, it's hidden under manner's and niceties until you start to see it through the cracks. she is also a HUGE klutz, total butterfingers, but has learned to laugh at herself about it over the years.

so far she has a cousin in [info]spiderwebs. i'd love a roommate or two, co-workers, people she's known from growing up, an ex who she can't stand/she makes his life hell and he can't stand her either, former friends of people who thought they knew her and then realized she was a big ol' bitch? anything. literally. lay. it. on. me.
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happy halloween everyone!!! what are your plans for tonight?? [31 Oct 2018|09:43am]

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